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A word from the orthodontist

Welcome to the website of my orthodontic practice in Paris. My name is David Issembert. I am a specialist orthodontist in Paris and one of the first historic providers of Invisalign in France.

I also perform a lot of lingual orthodontic treatments in my orthodontic practice. My patients, whether it be children and adults, can be treated with either one of these two treatment tools or with clear external braces.

I decided to create this site to answe as precisely as possible your questions pertaining to invisible orthodontics, adult and child orthodontics. I wanted it to be as interactive as possible by setting up a Blog and links to social networks where you can ask me your questions directly.

Feel free to check out my Paris orthodontic practice’s Instagram account, where you’ll find several hundred before-and-after orthodontic cases that you can easily relate to and that we can use as a visual basis for discussion.

I wish you a pleasant visit and remain at your disposal should you have any additional questions.

Dr. David Issembert,
Orthodontist in Paris

After obtaining my dental degree from the University of Paris V in Paris, I pursued a specialty in orthodontics at the University of Montreal, where I obtained my Master in Orthodontics. I am also a member of the Canadian Board of Orthodontics, which allows me to practice in Canada.

Upon my return from Montreal, I was recognized as a qualified specialist in dentofacial orthopedics, the only specialty in orthodontics recognized by the French “Conseil de l’ordre”

I then chose to focus my practice on lingual orthodontics and Invisalign clear aligners in Paris. I am currently an Invisalign Diamond Provider.

Dr David Issembert
Invisalign by Issembert Paris

Adult orthodontics in Paris

Are you looking for an adult orthodontic treatment in Paris, or do you merely have questions about adult orthodontics? On the site of Dr. Issembert’s orthodontic practice, you will find a lot of information about adult orthodontics in Paris, with the different techniques used in our orthodontic practice :

– Invisible adult orthodontics with Invisalign aligners
– Invisible adult orthodontics with lingual braces
– Adult orthodontics with ceramic braces

My philosophy in orthodontics

My goal is to achieve fully stable and aesthetically perfect orthodontic treatments. There are two essential pillars necessary to achieve this goal that I implement in my orthodontic practice in Paris.



To perform a real in-depth work, regardless of the orthodontic technique used: to align the teeth perfectly without accepting defects, to coordinate the arches – to match the top and bottom and to remove strong contacts, to put rigid wires and to design retaining trays to ensure the stability of the results over time.



To carry out myself the orthodontic treatments, specifically Invisalign, in my orthodontic office in Paris. To work on the treatment plan tooth by tooth, without taking the orthodontic treatment simulation generated by the Invisalign company, whose software is not able to make the orthodontic movements itself nor to avoid relapses and therapeutic failures.

Our smiles

Here is a selection of before-and-after cases performed by Dr. Issembert, orthodontist in Paris, treated with Invisalign, Lingual and Ceramic Braces orthodontics in my orthodontic office in Paris. By clicking on the buttons ” + SIGHTS “, you can access many before/after cases with comments in each section.




Invisalign by Issembert

By Issembert

I have been using Invisalign aligners for my orthodontic treatments in Paris for 17 years now, and I was one of the first providers in France. With more than 700 patients currently treated per year with clear aligners, I am one of the few Invisalign Diamond Providers in the world.

Over the years and the many cases I have treated, I have developed a unique treatment technique, Invisalign Paris by Issembert, which meets specific standards, whether it be in terms of of aesthetic criteria or effectiveness and stability of treatments, in accordance with my philosophy.

Thus, I create the treatment plan tooth by tooth, attachment by attachment (little transparent dot used as anchorage on specific teeth to enable movements), without relying on the treatment simulation generated by Invisalign, whose automatic software is not capable of producing stable treatments over time (even if their simulation might looks appealing on its virtual face).

Many adult patients, who may have already had treatment in a dental center or at a dentist’s office, come to us to achieve perfect results following relapses due to improper techniques of treatment and retention.

Dr. Issembert, an orthodontist in Paris, is available for consultations from Monday to Saturday at 44, avenue Marceau, in the heart of Paris, for your invisible orthodontic treatment in Paris.

Invisalign in Paris for children and teenagers!

At Dr. Issembert’s orthodontic practice, we also perform orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents. Many children and teenagers reach to us in order to avoid having to wear braces.

Contrary to what you might think, children are very careful with their aligners and never lose them! They usually have a much more stress-free relationship with their orthodontist and their dentist with this more comfortable appliance, which is not visible in social settings such as school.

Are you looking for an orthodontic treatment in Paris for your child, especially invisible orthodontics in Paris? Our orthodontic office, located at 44 avenue Marceau in Paris, welcomes you for your Invisalign treatments, and specifically for invisible orthodontic treatments for children and adolescents.

Orthodontie linguale issembert

Lingual Orthodontics By

At my orthodontic practice in Paris, I offer custom lingual orthodontic treatments. I have also been practicing this technique for 17 years, for adults as well as for children and teenagers.

I do not use pre-made treatments from lingual brace companies, and I maintain control over everything I do. This is essential for predictable results.

A lingual orthodontic treatment has the advantage of being completely invisible, because the braces are positioned on the inside surface of the teeth. When you smile, the person you are talking to cannot see the braces or wires: it is an orthodontic treatment with no impact on your professional or personal life.

Orthodontie linguale issembert
Orthodontie bagues céramique issembert

Orthodontics with ceramic braces by Issembert

In the years following my installation as an orthodontist in my Paris office, as white wire technology improved, I began to combine my ceramic braces with clear brackets, so that I could offer a less expensive aesthetic alternative to lingual orthodontics or Invisalign orthodontics in Paris.

They have been very much demanded by children and teenagers for whom they present a much appreciated alternative in my orthodontic practice in Paris.

Adults also prefer them because they are a very discreet option. Mixed lingual orthodontics, which consists of lingual on top and ceramic on the bottom, is also very popular.

Surgery and Orthodontics

Prognathia (protrusive lower jaw), retrognathia (receded lower jaw), misaligned jaws, narrowness of the jawbone are a few of the facial defects which can lead to aesthetic problems, but also to daily problems involving eating, speaking, or even breathing. Dr. Issembert, an orthodontist in Paris, explains the various surgical procedures available.

Cabinet dr Issembert
When orthodontics are no longer sufficient, jaw surgery should be considered in addition to orthodontic treatment. The orthodontic treatment plan then includes surgery, usually in the middle of the treatment.
Cabinet dr Issembert
How to prepare for the surgical procedure? What does it consist in? How much does it cost, and what are the post-operative consequences? Find out everything there is to know about jaw surgery by clicking on the link below.

Frequently asked questions about orthodontics

Can I pay in installments?

Yes, we have implemented a monthly payment system to facilitate our patients’ life as we are aware that an orthodontic treatment can be a financial commitment. Depending on the type of treatment, it is possible to pay in up to 24 installments.

Dr. Issembert, an orthodontist in Paris, is available for consultations from Monday to Saturday at 44 avenue Marceau, in the heart of Paris, for your invisible orthodontic treatment in Paris.

How much does an orthodontic treatment cost?

The cost of an orthodontic treatment, whether it is Lingual Orthodontics, Invisalign by Issembert or Ceramic, depends on its complexity, its duration and the type of appliance used.

Dr. Issembert, an orthodontist in Paris, is available for consultation from Monday to Saturday at 44 avenue Marceau, in the heart of Paris, for your invisible orthodontic treatment in Paris.

Do you accept the "CMU"?

Yes, the CMU partially covers the treatment cost every semester for every treatment initiated before the age of 16 as well as the entire first consultation at any age.

Can I get a teeth whitening after an orthodontic treatment?

Yes, we offer in-office treatments at the end of your treatment, so you can fully enjoy your new smile.

Which treatment is faster?

It all depends on the case, there is not necessarily a difference depending on the technique used (lingual, Invisalign, etc.).

Which health insurance company do you recommend for adult orthodontics?

Currently, the VESPER mutual insurance company covers orthodontics very well. Many “mutuelles” insurance companies cover adult orthodontics, but it all depends on your contract. Coverage is not always clear. When you come for your first consultation at Dr. Issembert’s Orthodontic Office, we will call your health insurance company to help you find out what your coverage is.

When should the first orthodontic visit take place?

The first orthodontic visit should take place at age 7. If the patient presents an orthodontic anomaly requiring early treatment, a short treatment (less than one year) will be initiated in order to avoid long and difficult situations at the time of the global treatment (between 11 and 14 years old).

Can I get orthodontics if I'm pregnant?


Can I get an orthodontic treatment if I have a crown or an implant?


Still have questions about orthodontics? Visit our specialized FAQ pages or contact us directly by phone at 01 47 20 90 08 at our orthodontic practice in Paris.

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