Frequently asked questions about Orthognathic Surgery by Issembert

Is surgery compatible with all types of treatment?
Yes, we perform orthodontic treatment combined with surgery with Invisalign, lingual or ceramic techniques.
Is maxillofacial surgery covered by social security?

The Social Security grants a coverage.

Is maxillofacial surgery covered by mutual insurance companies?
Some mutual insurance companies, depending on your contract, may cover all or part of the surgery.
Do you have a maxillofacial surgeon that you work with?
Yes, at the first consultation we will refer you to our surgeon for a consultation if you are going for orthodontic treatment with surgery.
When does the surgery take place?
Generally, the surgery is performed in the middle of the treatment, when the teeth have been pre-positioned.
How long does the operation last?
Depending on the type of operation, it takes one to two hours, with a general anesthetic. The patient can go home the same day.
After the operation, can I go to work?
After the operation, it will take a few days before you are fully recovered and can return to work. It is advisable to carry out the operation during a period of time off, which will allow you to recover afterwards.
Is there an anesthetic for the operation?

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